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Home of Nickie® Medical Training Dolls

Home of Nickie Medical Training Dolls

Train on the Doll, Not the Child

Devices included!  Everything you need for training!
Nickie® is a medical training doll that is
 ideal for tracheostomy training, gastrostomy training, urethral catheterization, stoma care, injection practice and Diastat training.  Nurses and paramedics can use the Nickie® anatomical training doll to train school and hospital staff, parents and EMT's how to care for special Medical Needs Children.  Designed by a nurse, Nickie® is a multi-device Special Needs Training Manequin that allows caregivers to "Train on the Doll, not the Child."   


Nickie® Includes

  • Shiley Tracheostomy Tube - removeable
  • Mic-Key® Gastrostomy Button - removeable
  • Insertable PICC Line
  • Injection Site
  • Open Oral Passages and NG tube insertion site 
  • Stoma
  • Diastat® training syringe
  • Ambu® Bag
  • Tracheostomy Suction Catheter
  • Gastrostomy Feeding Tube Kit
  • Urethral Catheter
  • Descriptive booklet
  • Sample School Nursing Care Plans
  • Durable Carrying Case
School Nurses can use Nickie® to to train staff in tracheal tube suctioning, care of a gastrostomy button, urethral catheter insertion and PICC line emergencies without the risk of practicing on the child.

Additionally sample Nursing Care Plans are provided to assist in Individual Educational (IEP) and Individual Healthcare Planning (IHP).

EMS Coordinators can use the Nickie® anatomical doll for paramedic PEPP training in the care of children with special healthcare needs (CSHCN).

Pediatric Hospitals and Homecare Providers use the Hands On Learning Nickie® dolls for training parents in tracheostomy tube suctioning, gastrostomy button care, urethral catheter insertion and PICC Line care.


See the "Nickie's Medical Devices" and the "Included Items" pages for everything that comes with 
Nickie ®

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Children with special health care needs require training for parents, teachers and healthcare professionals. Nickie® is an anatomical doll that is used to practice medical device training for special needs children. The Nickie® doll includes four medical devices: a gastrostomy button, a tracheostomy tube, a PICC line and an intermittent urethral catheter. Additionally, School nursing care plans for special education students are included with the training doll.

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