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Home of Nickie® Medical Training Dolls

Home of Nickie Medical Training Dolls

Products Included with Every Nickie® Training Doll
See the "Nickie's Medical Devices" page for a picture of the devices in Nickie®


Devices  -  (Inserted in Nickie® )
  •    Shiley Tracheostomy Tube
  •    MicKey® Gastrostomy Button


Products - (In a bag with Nickie® )

  •    Ambu® Bag
  •     Tracheostomy Suction Catheter
  •     Gastrostomy Feeding Tube Kit
  •     Diastat® Training Syringe
  •     Urethral Catheter
  •     PICC Line


   Fluids can be put in Nickie® - there is a fluid drain in the heal

  •    Injection site in the thigh
  •    PICC Line: Insertion site in the right arm
  •    NG tube: NG tube insertion site in a nostril


  •    Special Needs Children from the NICU (Story of Nickie®)
  •    Device Descriptions
  •    Sample School Nursing Care Plans

Soft-Sided Carrying Case

  •   Nickie® comes in a padded, light weight carrying case






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