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Home of Nickie® Medical Training Dolls

Home of Nickie Medical Training Dolls

Nickie's® Medical Devices
Some devices are pre-inserted in Nickie® and others are included in the accessories bag.  See the "Included Materials" section for all fo the accessory items.

A Shiley Tracheostomy tube is inserted in Nickie® and secured with a velcro tracheostomy tube holder.

A PICC line insertion site is positioned in the right arm. 

A stoma is positioned approximatly in the area of an Ileostomy Stoma. 
A Mic-Key® gastrostomy button is inserted in Nickie®

Urethral Catheter
Urethral openings allow for catheter insertion  – both male and female Nickie® dolls are available .

NG Tube
An NG tube insertion site is in one nostril

Sized for A Diastat® Syringe
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